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Hamachi Finance

Build a diverse portfolio with$HAMI. Arbitrum's first multi-currency rewards token

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Picking the next bluechip project is never an easy task, let Hamachi Finance diversify your portfolio for you

With $HAMIyou will accumulate good projects on multiple chains throughout the bear market, just by holding!

You asked for ARBI season, we're here to ignite it. Be a part of the most exciting new community on the chain from the beginning!

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Diversify your portfolio

    Our contract buys the best projects on Arbitrum. Trusting the wisdom of the crowd to decide which projects to chose through our governance system.

  • Stay up to date

    Stay up to date

    Our goal is to become the ultimate community hub on the arbitrum chain. We're an active community and regularly hold AMAs with teams and project updates.

  • Rewards


    We all know this is why you're here! We dish out a constant stream of rewards by simply holding $HAMI in your wallet. Passively build positions in a wide variety of projects.

  • Your Choice!

    Your Choice!

    Disagree with the coin we're farming? That's Ok we can't all be on the same page all of the time. Choose to take your rewards in $HAMI instead by smashing the 'GO HAMI' button.

  • Exposure


    We want to help other projects grow. We bring buy volume, market exposure, and additional wallets, something that can be potentially leveraged to benefit our community in the future.

  • Expansion


    Hamachi Finance will start on Arbitrum with plans to go cross-chain and accumulate ERC-20 tokens from additional chains in the future. Details TBA however the OG $HAMI token will remain the key to accessing future launches.

7% buy | 7% sell tax

to reward our holders


Ticker: $HAMI

Total Supply: 50,000,000,000